Community Partners are typically non-profit organizations that have a shared interest in the topic of the monthly Forum.  The partner serves as a marketing partner for a specific program and receives the following benefits in return.


Community Partner Responsibilities

1.  Announce the event on partner’s website/newsletter as available.

2.  Send out at least two e-blasts to partner network.

3.  Encourage partner network to attend the event.  (This is truly the compensation for this opportunity.  Part of our success is delivering a diverse audience and great networking session, which is routinely, cited in our post event surveys as the primary benefits of participation.)

Benefits to Partnering with MIT Enterprise Forum San Diego

1.  We offer five comps to partners OR a special discount registration rate of $45 to all partner’s members (general registration is $65).

2.  We publicize you as a featured community partner of the designated event:

  • Company/organization included on MIT Enterprise Forum website with hyperlink
  • 2 e-blasts with hyperlink
  • Logo featured on marketing fliers, introduction slides, and on all event signage

3.  We verbally thank and acknowledge our community partner from the podium at the event.

4.  We offer you a display table for your marketing materials during our pre-event networking reception (space depending).