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Pegasus Estate Winery is the collaboration of two profound passions, our love of magnificent wines and majestic horses. As a result of these two driving forces, the inspiration for Pegasus Estate Winery was born. Located in the premier wine growing region of the Santa Ynez Valley, we have lovingly tended to our estate Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Our label was created by the talented artist Jennifer Chapman and it depicts “Dharbe” our prized Arabian horse in flight over our vineyards.
We were drawn to the remarkable wine growing region of the Central Coast of California and specifically to the bucolic setting of Santa Barbara County’s Santa Ynez Valley which we found as Mecca for wine and horse enthusiasts alike. After we obtained undeveloped acreage known for its rich, lush soil, we secured rare Clone 7 Cabernet stock of “Opus” and “Dominus” fame and notoriety and set about planting our illustrious vineyard. The hillside slopes provided exceptional growing conditions similar to the “Howell Mountain” region of the Napa Valley. Our model has always been to set the stakes high in terms of premium quality and our approach has always been “…that only the finest vines will produce the finest wines…” so we forged a team of industry experts to guide us on our journey to create world class wines
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