The Esports Series – Introduction to the Industry

October 28, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The Esports Series – Introduction to the Industry

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 @ 5:30pm PST (1.5 hours)

Meeting details provided upon registration. Program is complimentary.


E-sports and Gaming have emerged to a $100B industry. During this event, you will meet some of the players in the industry and learn about the E-sports eco-system, specifically Games and the enabling technology, the industry participants and their roles, the economic underpinnings of the industry and, finally, the impact of the COVID pandemic on E-Sports growth.



Hector Rosario

Visionary… Gamer… Esports Team Owner…Event Owner…Developer

Hector Rosario grew up in South Florida playing Football, Soccer and Basketball as well as being a gamer.  After deciding a career as a professional athlete in traditional sports was a no-go, Hector started focusing on his passion for gaming and today is considered by some to be one of the godfathers of what is now eSports.  As first a professional DOTA 2 player (this was before gamers were called athletes), Hector not only organized some of the original leagues and competed in events, but found he had a talent for building teams and developing players, many of whom are still competing today.

In 2012, Hector retired from professional gaming and took advantage of his experience and vision for what esports was becoming, to launch his first company, FlipSid3 Tactics.  FlipSid3 Tactics (FT) is a professional esports organization with currently over 20 Championships Titles across 4 divisions.   Besides being Founder and CEO, Hector began coaching his young players across these divisions as well as produced some of the first professional gaming events in the US, Brazil and India.

Over the following three years, as the esports industry experienced exponential growth and the competition for solid players for teams skyrocketed. Hector recognized the need for tools and programs that could gather data and stats and provide analytics to help recruit those top players to his team.  This led to the launch of his second company, Stats Helix, which today is a tech company using data to enhance player performances and subsequent gaming experiences.  Today Stats Helix is the go to for most major esports events as well as is the data and analytics platform used by Twitch, the streaming channel exclusive to the esports industry.

Having changed the esports industry with his “moneyball” approach to player development and having created the interactivity for digital broadcasting, Hector is moving on to his next venture, Ascent Sports.  Ascent Sports is positioned to be the industry standard for stats and analytics, digital streaming enhancements and game data expertise.  While the big data companies have game data, they do not have the expertise on how to customize and use the data to improve player performance, the player and viewer experience and improve and optimize game development.


M.Cole Jones

Executive Chairman of GameBRKZ and Managing Partner at RIISE Ventures

Cole is Executive Chairman of GameBRKZ and Managing Partner at RIISE Ventures headquartered in Atlanta, GA. An avid esports & sport tech enthusiast and investor, he’s a recognized thought leader in corporate innovation, startup culture and the collaborative economy.

GameBRKZ is a collaborative agency crafting the narrative of “Gaming As A Lifestyle.” We provide pathways for brands, institutions and influencers to break into the industry building community, visibility and brand equity.

RIISE Ventures is a firm reimagining innovation in sports, gaming and media through advising our partners, clients and corporate brands on how to stimulate ideas, attract and retain talent and invest capital into companies and communities we believe in. Partners represent a diverse group from across various disciplines such as investment/finance, real estate, technology, corporate innovation, health care, sports and entertainment and economic development.

Cole’s other endeavors include Co-Founder & Producer of Esports Week, Esports Summit, a Venture Partner at NextGen Ventures, and a mentor and investor to several startups. His previous innovation firm covello created experiences, built products and delivered ideation for enterprises, brands and high growth companies The company has built technology platforms for companies like AT&T valued at $30M+ to providing services with other conglomerates such as Delta Air Lines, Harman International and Chick-fil-A to Snapchat (Snap Inc.) and global non-profits like American Cancer Society.


Lisa Freedman

As a business and event professional with more than 25 years’ experience, Lisa has worked in a variety of roles at the local, national and international levels. From launching and revamping businesses to running for profit and not for profit organizations to working major events such as Olympic Games, NFL Super Bowls, Surf Championships, Award Shows, Film Festivals, and Fashion Shows, she has a broad level of experience. Her skills include facility design, construction and operations; business development and strategic planning; financial forecasting, budget management and resource allocation; staff, volunteers and contractor leadership as well as marketing, branding and sales.

Lisa has been calling San Diego home since 2004, and when she moved to the region she committed to establishing and growing the Sports and Active Lifestyle Industry. Whether it is creating new events, bringing in existing events and working with early stage, mid-level and mature businesses to establish themselves and direct deal flow within the industry, Lisa loves to help people and organizations succeed.

Most recently, Lisa recognized the exponential growth of the esports and gaming industry particularly as she observed the more public, wide scale adoption of esports and gaming among traditional sports athletes as they play to clear their heads prior to or relax after playing their sport. As she has immersed herself in the industry, she has been fortunate to work with and learn from a number of industry experts and rainmakers strengthening her interest and passion for this vertical. In January, she was able to take her traditional sports and event production skills into the esports and gaming world when she was recruited to help produce the Call of Duty League launch. She is looking forward to continuing to learn from her mentors and to produce competitions and events in the future.



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