State Data Privacy Laws Effective Jan 1: Complying and Unintended Consequences

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State Data Privacy Laws Effective Jan 1:
Complying and Unintended Consequences

Privacy and Security by Design

January 15, 2020
5:30 – 8:30 pm
@Knobbe Martens (12790 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130)

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Panel Discussion

Who should attend?
This session is for chief technologists, R&D, product managers, developers, and designers who want to better understand the principles of Privacy by Design.

California has two new laws that go into effect January 1: the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and SB 327, an IOT security law which mandates that manufacturers that sell or offer to sell a connected device in California equip the device with “reasonable security features.”

This makes California the first state to specifically regulate the security of connective devices, which are commonly referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the CCPA is one of most comprehensive state privacy laws to go into effect since the EU enacted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018.

In contrast to California data privacy laws protecting only personal information, the new security law aims to protect the security of both IoT devices, and any information contained on IoT devices.

Given this focus on legislating privacy and security we should be thinking ahead and addressing these principles during the design process. While SB 327 focuses on IoT specifically (this includes connected things such as connected cars, industrial devices, retail point-of-sale or medical devices, to name a few), privacy can impact other products and apps as well, including social apps, media, and telecommunications.  Across the board, these two new acts have an impact on a wide number of products and services.

Examples where Privacy by Design was needed

When we look at the Facebook data privacy scandal around the collection and sharing of personally identifiable information on as many as 87 million people or read in recent news about hackers who have been able to spy on children via popular “smart home” security apps, we realize that even honestly designed products can end up with unintended consequences.  As our world becomes more mobile and more connected, how can developers build privacy and security into their products to keep their customers safe and secure?

Panel Focus

This panel will consist of technical, product, and design professionals who will focus on how we can apply design principles that will make our new products safe and secure.

What is Privacy by Design?

The term “Privacy by Design” means “data protection through technology design.” “Privacy by Design” along with “Privacy by Default” are one of the key changes that were brought into the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect in Europe in May 2018.

“Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” have been frequently discussed topics related to data protection. The first thoughts of “Privacy by Design” were expressed in the 1970s and were incorporated in the 1990s into the RL 95/46/EC data protection directive. According to recital 46 in this Directive, Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM) must be taken already at the time of planning a processing system to protect data safety.

Startups and New Product Introductions: MVP vs. Privacy / Security

As entrepreneurs we tend to think in terms of Minimally Viable Product or MVP when we first launch a product or app, and typically instantiating privacy or security at that point is thought to take up too much time or investment and risk “holding us back” in a competitive space. Yet that leaves a window of vulnerability. When should we consider designing in privacy and security? Is there “right” timing?

For that answer and more, join us Wednesday, January 15.


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6:30: Program
7:30: Audience Q & A
8:00: Program concludes, followed by networking, coffee & dessert until 8:30

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kathleen glass

Kathleen Glass  (moderator)
VP of Marketing, 2B Advice

Kathleen Glass is global VP of Marketing for 2B Advice, providers of outsourced privacy management services and data privacy compliance software.  Kathleen brings over two decades of B2B sales and marketing experience in SaaS and managed services industries for emerging technologies including IoT, CyberSecurity, Privacy, and Analytics. As a passionate advocate of sales and marketing alignment, Kathleen advises companies across the US in best practices for inbound and outbound demand generation processes and technology adoption.

Kathleen is a Chapter Chair for the San Diego IAPP KnowledgeNet Chapter Program for privacy professionals, a San Diego Chapter Officer for the Association of Inside Sales Professionals and serves on the AA-ISP National Advisory Board. Kathleen also serves on the CompTIA IoT Advisory Council.


ro cammarota

Dr. Ro Cammarota
Principal Research Scientist, Intel Corporation

Dr. Rosario Cammarota (Ro) is a Principal Research Scientist at Intel AI Research, where he grows the effort on privacy-preserving technologies and international standards for AI Systems. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, in 2013. He serves on the program and organizing committees of several premier hardware and embedded security conferences and workshops. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a prolific inventor and one of the recipients of the SRC Outstanding Industry Liaison Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Darin Andersen

Darin Andersen
CEO and Founder, NXT Robotics

Darin Andersen is a distinguished serial Entrepreneur, Cybersecurity, Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT) and professional with over 20 years of experience in industry.  Darin is the CEO & Founder of NXT Robotics which builds an AI security robotics platform.  In 2013, Mr. Andersen founded CyberTECH (CyberHive and iHive Incubators), a global cybersecurity and IoT network ecosystem providing cybersecurity, IoT and Smart City resources, strategic programs and quality thought leader Forums across the nation. Before NXT Robotics, Darin was the CEO of CyberUnited a enterprise cybersecurity firm.  Darin also served as President, North America for Norman Shark, a forensics malware analytics company, acquired by Symantec. Prior to Norman Shark, Darin was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ESET, an award winning and antivirus solutions company. While COO at ESET, Darin created the “Securing Our eCity” initiative. The initiative, now an independent Foundation, was recognized by The White House as the “Best Local/Community Plan” DHS National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge.  Andersen is a distinguished Ponemon Institute Fellow and serves on numerous boards and received an MBA in Finance and Operations Management and 2nd Masters in Information Systems and Operations Systems both from University of Southern California and a BA from Claremont McKenna College.

Emad Georgy

Emad Georgy
CTO, Advisory & Consultant

Emad is recognized globally as an execution-focused CTO and powerful transformational leader. His passion is both developing code and developing leaders. He is a hands-on, execution-focused CTO Advisor and Consultant leading large-scale transformations in architecture, Agile, DevOps, IT, process and leadership development. He helps his clients with scaling and growing pains as well as developing strong leaders in technology. His hybrid approach to technology management, focusing on both the practical and cultural elements of leadership, makes Emad a trusted and valued partner helping both domestic startups and global enterprises scale and grow. He is proficient in talent assessment, tangible leadership and organizational development, as well as data engineering and analytics pipelines, modernizing legacy applications, re-architecture, cloud migrations, DevOps and API integrations. He has held CTO and technology leadership positions at a number of major global brands including Experian. Named a Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader, Emad is developing tomorrow’s industry leaders.

“Disruptive” is an Understatement: The World on Robotics, Sensors & 5G

“Disruptive” is an Understatement: The World on Robotics, Sensors + 5G

Much more than just faster connections for your smartphone. Yes, 5G technology has the potential to transform the internet and lower latency to single digit milliseconds, but more importantly, it will enable a myriad of new applications and use cases. Think connected smart devices in the IoT; autonomous vehicles; smart cities and connected factories. Now, think of all the new applications that will be needed to make our smart cities and connected worksites work with 5G.

Whether you’re in a technology business or a business that relies on technology…and which one doesn’t?…or perhaps you’re an individual thinking of upgrading to a smart home, 5G is going to make the future we see in SciFi movies possible. The question is when?

For that answer and more, join us Wednesday, November 20.


5:30: Registration, Networking, food and drinks

6:30: Program

7:30: Audience Q & A

8:00: Program Concludes, Networking, Coffee & Dessert until 8:30


Mary Beth McCabe

Dr. Mary Beth McCabe (moderator)
Associate Professor, National University

As National University’s Academic Program Director for Marketing since 2010, Dr. McCabe brings 25 years of hands on experience in television and digital advertising plus business ownership to the College of Professional Studies. She has been an executive in the San Diego business community since 1982, with KUSI-TV and prior, in Chicago at WCIU-TV. Her business clients range from Fortune 100 firms to family run enterprises. Her academic degrees are from Alliant University (DBA, Marketing), DePaul University (MBA, Marketing) and University of Dayton (BA, Communications). Dr. McCabe has been on the marketing faculty at UCSD Extension, San Diego State University, and the University of San Diego. She is co-author of Mobile Marketing Essentials (Stukent, Inc), now in its sixth edition, and author of The World’s First Guide to Independent Travel. She lives in San Diego, and volunteers with American Marketing Association, MIT Enterprise Forum and several community groups. Dr. McCabe received the only National University President’s Award for Online Course Development (2018). She was also recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Diego Ad Club.


Cheryl Goodman
Head of Corporate Communications, Sony Electronics

For more than 20 years, Cheryl Goodman has pushed the boundaries of innovation by expanding cognitive diversity by including more women in tech. She served for a decade at Qualcomm where she leads the dialogue in wireless, display tech, and app development. Goodman left to run Athena, a non-profit designed to advance women in tech & life sciences. In her tenure, she created resources for female entrepreneurs in bio & tech while achieving the organizations highest level of fundraising ultimately being recognized as a leading CEO in the San Diego region. Today she’s at the Global multinational Sony, headquartered in RB. As Head of Corporate Communications, she evangelizes the broad innovations lead by the creative entertainment company. “I take the same mission-focused mindset found in the non-profit world and apply that to the world of technology. My goal is to bring other high-level contributors, who sometimes get overlooked, alongside me as I continue on my journey to demonstrate how technology transforms lives.”

Goodman is a true advocate for assistive technologies as she recently overcame sudden and severe hearing loss in both ears. After enduring a series of correction surgeries, Goodman is a champion of mobile and audio technologies that allowed her to thrive despite not being able to hear.

Abhijit Kudrimoti

Abhijit Kudrimoti is a Product Management Leader at Verizon.

He has worked for several years in the Internet of Things (IOT) space and played a significant role in the development and marketing of Verizon’s Thingspace IoT services platform. Abhijit works with technologies such as Location Based Services, Device Provisioning, Management and Diagnostics, Global Roaming, Public IP and Private Mobile Networking, 5G and Mobile Edge Computing, LTE and Narrowband-IOT, consistently and successfully delivering products to market for Verizon.

Abhijit started his career as an embedded modem software engineer and subsequently did 3GPP2 standards development work at Qualcomm in the area of wireless data internetworking.  Abhijit later worked as a product manager at different mobile device hardware and software vendors such as Nokia and Palm and D2 Technologies.  Abhijit has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles CA, and M.S. and B.Tech degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona and the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, respectively.

Sudeepto Roy is a Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm

Sudeepto is a Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm and has held various leadership positions spanning wireless embedded engineering, customer and startup enablement, patent licensing, product planning and regional strategy. He and his team members have played an instrumental role in the design and worldwide launches of several generations of handsets, IoT, computing, networking, and infrastructure products which effected the industry’s major technology shifts from 2G, 3G, 4G and now, 5G.

Sudeepto holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering from MSU, India and ODU, Virginia respectively, and has completed post graduate certificate programs in Engineering Management and Intellectual Property Law at Caltech and UCSD.

Sudeepto volunteers for issues of community interest (particularly, children’s safety and development), and serves on the board of two non-profit schools (“La Petite Ecole” du Lycee Francais et International, and Onkur Bangla Language Academy of San Diego). As a resident of the coastal village of Del Mar with his wife and daughter, his hobbies include family activities, technology writing, travel, gardening, reading, music, and pilates.

chad sweetChad Sweet is CEO of ModalAI, Inc.

Chad has more than 20 years of leadership experience and focuses on system architecture and business development. ModalAI is a leader in autonomous robot and drone perception and communication systems. The company develops highly-integrated artificial intelligence (AI)-powered modules that empower companies in a variety of industries to utilize aerial and ground autonomous navigation systems that communicate via 4G and 5G cellular networks. Through June 2018 he led global robotics R&D at Qualcomm Research. Previously at Qualcomm he led efforts in computer vision and wireless communications with 15 patents granted.

Holiday Mixer


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Please join us for a special MIT Enterprise Forum Holiday Mixer. CONNECT w/SDVG has graciously offered us their fun space including patio and big red slide. We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone we’ve seen this year, including you!

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Advances in Personalized Medicine and Your Future Health Experience

Advances in Personalized Medicine and Your Future Health Experience

In the very near future, you may visit your doctor and receive a drug therapy that was customized just for you based on your DNA, metabolism, and lifestyle. Advances in key technologies, including decoding the human genome (DNA), artificial intelligence (AI), and health information, are the catalysts for the rapidly accelerating field of personalized medicine.


5:30: Registration, Networking, food and drinks
6:30: Program
7:30: Audience Q & A
8:00: Program Concludes, Networking, Coffee & Dessert until 8:30


Navid Alipour, JD (Moderator)
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Analytics Ventures
Navid Alipour is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures, a Venture Formation Fund focused on starting new ventures with artificial intelligence and machine learning at their core.

Prior to co-founding Analytics Ventures, he founded La Costa Investment Group, making investments in startups nationally. Through the founding of multiple Artificial Intelligence(AI) based companies like CureMetrix and CureMatch, Navid is a long-time entrepreneur in the AI space, and looks to address the need between angel investors and big venture capital funds. He has a passion for finding scientists and academics who are domain experts in their respective fields, and helping them turn their research into viable businesses, helping build companies from inception.


Bob Kain
CEO and Co-founder, Luna PBC, LunaDNA
Bob Kain is a renowned pioneer in the field of genomics, spending most of his career growing Illumina, Inc. pre-IPO from 30 employees with no revenue, to a burgeoning workforce of over 3,000 employees and $1.4B in revenue. Bob came out of retirement following a 15+ year career as the chief engineering officer at Illumina to co-found LunaDNA, a community-owned health and DNA data platform and currently serves as the CEO of LunaPBC, a Public Benefit Corporation who manages the LunaDNA platform. He realized the true potential and growing popularity of direct-to-consumer genomic testing and envisioned how this data could be used to disrupt the traditional approach to medical research.

Stephane Richard, Ph.D.
COO, CureMatch, Inc.
Involved with the company development since day one, Stephane is COO of CureMatch. With over fifteen years of international business development experience, Stephane brings to CureMatch his experience with the biotech industry, strategy, management and an exceptional network of collaborators. Since 2006, Stephane has been the Founder & President of French BioBeach, an organization promoting business between Southern California and European Life science groups. As an author of 17 scientific papers and 6 patents, Stephane received a Ph.D. in biophysics from the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France. He has served as a scientist at Sapphire Energy, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and visiting scientist at the Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, before holding managerial positions in biotech.

Deb Hubers
Co-founder and CEO, EpigenetisRx
EpigeneticsRx is a one-stop digital destination to all the tools Physicians need for precise, personalized, prevention based on genetics. EpigeneticsRx’s secure platform transforms “omic” data into actionable health plans – reducing the total cost of care and improving health outcomes.

Deb has dedicated her career to measuring and improving healthcare outcomes. Her expertise is leveraging technology to deliver personalized, integrative medicine. Deb founded her first preventative health care business in 1984 and has spent her career as both an entrepreneur and executive of public companies including Bank One and Imperial Bank. She co-founded La Vita Compounding Pharmacy in 2007. Collaborating with her business partner, physicians and strategic partners, Deb has grown La Vita to be one of the most respected and sought-after personalized medicine providers on the west coast.

Kevin Harris
CEO and Board Member, CureMetrix
CureMetrix is a healthcare technology company that develops artificial intelligence or AI-driven software for radiology. Driving AI solutions into the market requires management of complexities including global regulatory approval, channel development, and establishing medical credibility. Under Kevin’s leadership, CureMetrix launched the first FDA-cleared software in the U.S. that uses AI for mammography to help improve cancer survival rates worldwide.

Prior to that Kevin held a variety of C-level and leadership positions at product and consulting firms across a variety of industries.  He has also led his own consulting company, Harris Consulting Group, helping clients focus on strategy, innovation, and execution. Prior to forming HCG, Kevin was CEO of SharePoint360 where he was responsible for transforming the company from an underperforming group of developers to a successful consulting and hosting firm.  Kevin’s specialty is infusing operational elegance into companies that are looking for a path to sustained growth.


Cryptonomics – Creating the future of business and finance utilizing blockchain technology

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, many know of these terms but what do they really mean for the traditional worlds of business, finance and investment? 

Please join us for a panel discussion on how this emerging technology is fundamentally changing things in economies around the world. 

We’ll explore: 

Running a business and paying employees in crypto 

Investing and trading crypto 

Decentralizing our financial systems

Regulatory issues

Holding and protecting your digital assets


5:30: Registration, Networking, food and drinks

6:30: Program

7:30: Audience Q & A

8:00: Program Concludes, Networking, Coffee & Dessert until 8:30


Chris Behar (moderator)
CEO / BlueBear Consulting

Chris Behar is an independent cybersecurity consultant with over 20 years engineering experience in the tech field. He has worked with many different clients from startups to enterprises, governments, nonprofits, and educational institutions to develop, build and secure networks and systems at scale.

He currently is working on his newest project, Blue Square Development whose purpose is to focus on blockchain and smart contracts to build and secure next generation networks and decentralized applications.


Tim Enneking
Managing Director, Digital Capital Management

Tim is the founder and the primary Principal of Digital Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”).  Prior to founding DCM, Tim was the founder and investment manager for the Crypto Currency Fund (“CCF”), one of the world’s first private funds focused on cryptocurrencies. In addition to his crypto-related activities, Tim is also the asset manager of Mana Companies Asset Management, which manages a medium-sized, multi-generational family office and trust based in San Diego. (MCAM does not invest in crypto assets of any type.) 

Prior to operating CCF, Tim founded and managed Tera Capital Fund, a fund of funds focused on Eastern Europe (established in 2004). Simultaneously, in 2013, he was engaged to manage the world’s first Bitcoin fund.

Tim also has extensive M&A experience, having completed more than 70 transactions with an aggregate transaction value of over US$12 billion. He speaks near-native French and Russian, as well as German.  He has five university degrees, all in international business and law.

Tim is a member of DCM’s Trading Team.


Paul Puey
CEO / Co-founder at Edge

Paul is a proud Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate of UC Berkeley with a wide range of technical skills from low-level 3D graphics engineering to development of custom web CMS systems, even before people knew what a CMS was. He held lead engineering positions with Nvidia and Chromatic Research, but most recently owned and operated several non-technical small businesses throughout California. There he learned the importance of the intersection of people, business, and technology.

Today, Paul aims to bring Bitcoin mainstream with software and products aimed at simplifying Bitcoin and making it insanely easy to send and secure this revolutionary currency while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

When not converting people to bitcoin you’ll likely find him climbing a rock in Joshua Tree or at a local climbing gym.


Craig Braun
Head of Business Development at Totle

Craig is a global business development and marketing executive focused on emerging technology markets. His background combines top-tier consulting and start-up experience to lead fast-paced growth companies.

Craig brings over 10 years leadership in securing high-value strategic partnerships and in core company building efforts, including: fundraising, operations, marketing, branding and identity, market-validation, strategic positioning, go-to-market, user acquisition, quantitative analysis, IP strategy, negotiations, and more.

Today, Craig leads global business development for Totle, a blockchain company providing critical liquidity infrastructure for the decentralized exchange of assets. 

Craig was a Dean’s Fellow at the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego and earned a B.S. with Distinction in Management Science from UC San Diego.

A Bold New Regional Vision in 5 Big Moves

SANDAG Executive Director Hasan Ikhrata will discuss the bold new vision being developed for San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan. This vision for the future of our region’s transportation system will be delivered through 5 Big Moves – key strategies that will enhance connectivity, increase safety and sustainability, and improve quality of life. The 5 Big Moves outline a path forward that builds upon existing infrastructure, with Complete Corridors, Flexible Fleets, Transit Leap, Mobility Hubs, the Next Operating System (Next OS) aiming to provide travelers with transportation choices that are competitive with the car for every trip in the region.

Transportation technology is evolving and changing how we travel daily. Embracing these innovations, are key strategies that will enhance connectivity, increase safety and sustainability, and improve quality of life.  SANDAG is leading a broad-based community effort to develop San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan.  It will combine a big picture vision for how our region will grow to 2050 and beyond with an implementation program to help make that vision a reality. Ultimately, the plan will reflect a strategy for a more sustainable future which includes investing in a transportation network that will provide people more travel choices, protect the environment, create healthy communities, and stimulate economic growth to benefit all San Diegans.

Join us as we discuss this bold vision and how your business can benefit.

  Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director, SANDAG
Considered one of the preeminent transportation planning experts in the nation, Hasan Ikhrata is the Executive Director of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). SANDAG is the leading research, planning, and transportation agency for the San Diego region. The agency builds consensus; makes strategic plans; obtains and allocates resources; plans, engineers, and builds public transportation, and provides information on a broad range of topics pertinent to the region’s quality of life. Agency policymakers are elected officials from each of the area’s 18 cities and the county. Mr. Ikhrata leads a staff of about 350 professionals who develop public policy initiatives for elected officials on numerous issues encompassing population growth, transportation, environmental management, economic development, municipal finance, binational coordination, and public safety.

Mr. Ikhrata has more than 30 years of public and private sector transportation planning experience. As Executive Director of SANDAG, he directs day‐to‐day operations of the agency and implements policies set by its Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. Ikhrata is the Chief Executive Officer of the SANDAG Service Bureau, the nonprofit public benefit corporation chartered by SANDAG.

Mr. Ikhrata has received several awards and honors from various organizations and agencies including the American Society of Public Administration, Southern California Leadership Council, Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange County Business Council, League of California Cities, City of Los Angeles, State of California, Association of the San Bernardino County Special Districts, the Building Industry Association, regional chapters of the Women’s Transportation Seminar, and numerous others.

Mr. Ikhrata holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Civil and Industrial Engineering from Zaporozhye University in the former Soviet Union, a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from UCLA, and a PhD Candidacy in Urban Planning and Transportation from the University of Southern California.

Prior to joining SANDAG in 2018, Mr. Ikhrata worked for Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

Mr. Ikhrata is an adjunct professor in the business school at California State University, Northridge.

To be interviewed by:

Chris Jennewein, Editor and Publisher
Times of San Diego

Chris Jennewein is editor and publisher of Times of San Diego, an online news site with over 300,000 monthly readers. Jennewein has 30 years experience in online media. Prior to starting Times of San Diego, he was associate editorial director for in Southern California and president of San Diego News Network. From 2001 to 2008 Jennewein led The San Diego Union-Tribune’s, one of the most popular and profitable newspaper websites. Previously he was vice president of operations for Knight Ridder Digital in San Jose. Under Jennewein’s leadership, Knight Ridder introduced the nation’s first complete online newspaper at the San Jose Mercury News in 1993. Jennewein is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics.


5:30: Registration, Networking, food and drinks
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7:30: Audience Q & A
8:00: Program Concludes, Networking, Coffee & Dessert until 8:30

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The next wave of technology entrepreneurs: The rise of women’s startups

Women are founding startups now more than ever before.  There was a 68% increase in women launching businesses in the US between 1997 and 2014.  That is two-times the rate of business owned by men.  Further, the likelihood of startups with women executives to receive venture funding is three-times what is was just 15 years ago.  In fact, if all 10 million women business owners in the US formed a country, it’s GDP would rank fifth globally.
San Diego is one of America’s best cities for startups.  In fact, it’s rated fourth according to the 2017 Kaufmann Index of Startup Activity.  But what makes it a great place for Women’s Start-ups?  Learn about San Diego’s rich ecosystem from the women at the heart of our entrepreneurial movement:

Allison Long Petine,  Founding Partner, Ad Astra Ventures

Dina Moskowitz, CEO & Founder, SaaSMAX Corp.

Arlene Harris, President & Co-Founder of Dyna LLC

Cathy Pucher, Executive Director, SDSU’s Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad

Jean Center, Founder & CEO, Center Group Consulting

Kara Bortone, Head of JLABS @ San Diego

Dina Moskowitz, CEO & Founder, SaaSMAX Corp.

Moskowitz is recognized as one of the IT Channel’s top influencers and innovators.  Dina Moskowitz has been leading and/or consulting to cloud-based, SaaS and other technology companies throughout her career.  As Founder and CEO of SaaSMAX (including SaaSMAX Marketplace & the PartnerOptimizer business intelligence solution), she has received many awards and recognition: she was recently ranked #20 out of more than 2800 Channel Executives; awarded the 2017 Cloud Girls Rising Trailblazer Award; is regularly recognized annually by UBM Tech Channel’s CRN as one of the Top Women in the Channel; and more.  Dina also serves on the Cloud Software Assocation’s board of directors, the SaaS industry’s trade association for partnership success.   Prior to SaaSMAX, Moskowitz was CEO and founder of Critical Digital Data Solutions Inc., which developed cloud-based data storage solutions.  Dina is a big advocate of women in SaaS and the IT Channel: she’s a member of CloudGirls; CompTIA’s Association of Women in Tech (AWIT); Alliance of Women in the Channel; a regular judge and/or mentor for San Diego Women’s Hackathon and CodeGirls and other San Diego start-up organizations; and a member of HeraHub since their inception.  Dina highly recommends the 2019-released book “How to be a Woman in Technology (While Focusing on What Matters Most) by Cheryl O’Donogue, MS.

Arlene Harris, President & Co-Founder of Dyna LLC

Arlene Harris has more than 4 decades of experience as an innovator, entrepreneur, board member, and investor in a number of successful companies in wireless related businesses. Most recently, through her incubator Dyna, Harris has fired up Wrethink, a new broadband solution for families launching later this year and Wrethinking, the Foundation, to support privacy through the Me2B Alliance and help fund female technology founders.

In her previous work, she founded GreatCall and launched its Jitterbug offering in 2006 in partnership with Samsung to create a simple and personalized cell phone experience. With almost a million customers, GreatCall was sold to a private equity company in 2017 and is now the foundation of retailer Best Buy’s consumer health offering.

In 1994, Harris founded SOS Wireless Communication that became GreatCall in 2006. In 1986, she started Subscriber Computing (now Verisign) and invented the first management systems to support prepaid cellular service and the first niche cellular offering founding Cellular Pay Phone, Inc. In 1983, Harris joined partners and founded billing and CRM market leader Cellular Business Systems, Inc. (now Netcracker).  Before CBSI, Harris helped lead her family’s Los Angeles-based wireless business, ICS (now USA Mobility). In addition to providing early mobile telephone service and becoming the world’s largest paging system, ICS was developer of LifePage, the world’s first health related application of wireless technology for consumers.

Harris holds several issued patents. She received the PCIA Foundation’s Year 2000 distinguished Chairman’s award and is a Fellow in the Radio Club of America. She has served on several committees of the FCC, TIA, and PCIA. In 2007, Harris became the first female inductee into the Wireless Hall of Fame, has since been inducted into the Consumer Technology Hall of Fame, honored with a Stevie, Athena, and Girl Scouts Cool Woman awards and recently received the UCSD Gordon Engineering Leadership Award. Harris lives with her husband and business partner, renowned wireless pioneer Marty Cooper, in Del Mar, Ca.

Allison Long Petine,  Founding Partner, Ad Astra Ventures

Allison Long Pettine is a Founding Partner of Ad Astra Ventures, an early-stage venture fund and accelerator that helps founders change the way they see themselves and the world in order to successfully fund, grow, and scale companies. Allison is also President of Crescent Ridge Partners, a venture fund that provides seed capital to early stage startups. She actively invests in entrepreneurs developing disruptive technologies across all multiple to build successful and sustainable companies. Prior to founding Crescent Ridge Partners, Allison was Vice President at Viscogliosi Brothers, a New-York based venture capital company focused on cutting-edge orthopedic medical device technologies. She was previously part of the founding team and Director of Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning at Paradigm Spine, a startup that developed non-fusion spinal implants to treat degenerative and deformity spinal disorders. Allison holds a B.S; B.A, Management Science; Psychology from UC San Diego and an M.B.A from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Cathy Pucher, Executive Director, SDSU’s Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad

Cathy works with aspiring entrepreneurs at SDSU’s Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad. Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad helps SDSU students, faculty and staff launch a start-up from their early stage ideas. Up to Forty teams and over 100 students from all across the campus work concurrently to bring their idea to life while  receiving mentoring, pro bono legal guidance, prototyping services, business acumen, and access to early stage funding in 24/7 co-working space on campus. Since opening its doors eight years ago, one in ten or 25 student led teams have launched their business and collectively raised $15M in early stage funding. She recently launched the Aztec Cooperative Fund, ZIP Launchpad initiative, committed to building an ecosystem on campus by providing funding for ZIP Launchpad teams to contract paid help from other SDSU students while providing the contracted students with paid experience and a “bite” of entrepreneurship.

She helped create EvoNexus and served as their first Executive Director. EvoNexus is an incubator dedicated to simulating the growth of new high technology companies in San Diego. EvoNexus has raised over $1.6 B since opening in Oct 2009. She brings 20+ years of experience in the high tech industry and has worked for
established and start up technology companies.

Kara Bortone PhD., Head of JLABS @ San Diego

As Head of JLABS in San Diego, Kara is responsible for external engagement, innovation sourcing, company onboarding, portfolio management, operational excellence, educational programming and P&L. She catalyzes and supports the translation of science and technology into valuable solutions for patients and consumers across the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer healthcare sectors.

Kara joined Janssen R&D through Prescience International, where she was Director of Corporate Ventures, primarily focusing on the JLABS project. She has over ten years of experience in the European and the U.S. biotech sector. Before joining Prescience, Kara led the scientific communications and marketing for Belgian-based Galapagos NV at a period when the company grew from 60 to over 800 employees and completed its initial public offering on Euronext.

Kara holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Texas.

MODERATOR:  Jean Center, Founder & CEO, Center Group Consulting

Jean Center established the Center Group in 1998 with a mission to bring innovative approaches to the field of human capital management. From organizational development to individual performance programs, the Center Group has led the way for scores of successful initiatives.  An accomplished management consultant with over 25 years of distinguished experience, Jean maintains a hands-on involvement in every engagement to ensure the best results for our clients’ talent management programs. She also draws upon a team of highly respected associates for their specialized expertise.


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